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train crash frame from the 1913 movie "California State Fair Highlights" by Progressive Film Producing Company of America

Train Crash Clip (2008):

Run length: 45 seconds

Summary: I took some (silent) footage of a staged train crash from the 1913 movie "California State Fair Highlights" (Progressive Film Producing Company of America) and added some sound effects and dramatic music. (The sound I added doesn't kick in until the actual train footage, so you probably do not need to turn up your speakers).


I am offering a free Creative Commons license to anyone who want to use the resulting clip (or portions thereof) in their own videos.

Creative Commons License
Train Crash Clip by Theodore D. Kuik is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at www.archive.org.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.viewmyart.com.

Please note that the Attribution 3.0 license I've selected is the most accomodating of the Creative Commons licenses. It allows for commercial use and does not require that you license your creation under similar terms. It does require that you credit me for the clip that I've created in the manner I specify. For that, all I ask is that you add a brief statement within your video along the lines of:

incorporates the video Train Crash Clip by Theodore D. Kuik, http://videos.viewmyart.com/clips/video-train-crash.htm

in a way that the text will display on screen for half a second or so in a large enough font that a person with normal sight can read it. Feel free to adjust that as appropriate. For instance, if you only use a portion of my clip, feel free to say "incorporates a portion ..."; if you only include some audio, feel free to say "includes audio from ..." and so on.

Below are two versions in mp4 and avi format that you can download if you want to try incorporating some or all of it into your video. You may find it works best to right-click on the link and then choose "save link as", since left clicking the link may just play the video, whereas you (presumably) want to save the file.

video-train-crash-AlternateFormat1.mp4 (4.5 mb)

video-train-crash-AlternateFormat2.avi (6 mb)

Of course, I lay no claim to the footage from the original 1913 film, which I believe to be, based on the date and the information I read from the Prelinger Archives on the page I got it from, in the public domain. In other words, if you just use footage from the original (silent) 1913 movie and not the sound/music that I have added, you need not credit me at all.

The Prelinger Archives, by the way, has a lot of other great public domain movies available. For more open source videos, you can visit Stuart Whitmore's VideoLiberty.org, especially the Liberated Videos page.