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A Scary Walk through the Woods(2008):

Run length: 1 minute, 14 seconds

Summary: This animated music video features a Halloween walk through a forest inhabited by all sorts of scary creatures.

Comments: As usual for this type of video, I rendered the visual elements with POV-Ray. Coming up with halfway decent trees took a bit of doing. I wasn't going for photorealism, but I wanted something that looked at least moderately "tree-like". To avoid too uniformity I used multiple tree models, varying textures, size, branches, rotations, and placement.

I was glad that I had the model for the dragon/flying creature already done when I started working on the video a couple of weeks ago as I was a bit pressed for time. There were some other elements which I would like to have added, but I really wanted to get the project done in time for Halloween. Oh well, maybe next year :)